Soft Servo Systems, Inc., is a pioneer in providing all-software, high-end motion control solutions for industrial machine builders and users. Founded by MIT professionals in 1998, Soft Servo Systems is committed to providing high-performing yet affordable and reliable general motion control (GMC) and CNC solutions to our customers by exploiting the high-speed, ever-improving CPUs of personal computers.

With our products, the PC performs all real-time motion control operations including feedback loops and multi-axis coordination. It also serves as a user-friendly graphical interface (Windows), can be connected to a network, used to store motion programs, and run other applications like database software, spreadsheet programs, or statistical process control applications.

64-axis general motion controller with EtherCAT master
The SMP Series
Versatile 16-axis general motion controller
Innovative CNC solution for mills and machining centers
Complete CNC solution for lathes and turning machines

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